About Hunters Video Channel

Hunters Video Channel is the first international streaming channel solely devoted to hunting. From the launch the channel offers you over 100 hours of high quality hunting films, series and programs.

Each month hours of exciting new content will be made available for our subscribers – provided by Hunters Video and other leading international producers of hunting films.


Like Netflix, HBO and similar services Hunters Video Channel offers a completely new user experience, with several big advantages over traditional DVD and TV viewing. The channel is available 24/7, with an individual choice of content for the subscriber.

We give our subscribers the choice between leading devices to watch our content. You can watch our content on your PC, tablet or mobile phone as you like – as well as on the big screen through built-in Chromecast and Apple TV-mirroring.To ensure full flexibility for our customers, our solutions offer the possibility to download content for later viewing without the need for internet access.

Subscribers can choose to share his experiences through built-in Facebook integration. This great feature makes it possible to communicate directly with friends who subscribe to the channel, and share information like content choice and rating.


Hunters Video Channel offers you a unique way to get instant access to over 100 hours of Hunters Video’s well-known and very successful hunting films – in addition to acclaimed content from other makers. There are no commercials on our channel.


In order to maximize your pleasure of watching our content you have a choice of three different languages. All the films, programs and series have all been either dubbed or have subtitles in English, German and Danish.

First 14 days free

To make it easy for new subscribers to try the channel before making the choice of subscription, we offer a free trial period of 14 days. After this you can subscribe to Hunter Video Channel for a monthly flat fee of €9.95. Subscribers can watch all they want anytime and anywhere, and cancel the subscription anytime they want.