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How does Hunters Video Channel work?

Try Hunters Video Channel for 14 days without any charge! You can instantly watch films, programs and series at your telephone, tablet or computer.
In order to subscribe to Hunters Video Channel in the free trial period you must fill in the form with information from your credit/debit card. If you wish to continue your subscription after the end of the trial period you do not need to do anything. Your subscription will continue until you unsubscribe.
If you do not wish to continue your subscription, you only need to go to Hunters Video Channel’s home page and unsubscribe.
Your monthly Hunters Video Channel subscription will automatically begin after your free trial period has ended.
Hunters Video Channel uses the media player Silverlight to play our videos through.
Some web browsers block this service and you have to manually activate Silverlight.

First of all you need to be sure, that Silverlight is downloaded to your computer. If not, you can find the download here – it’s free of course.

If you already have Silverlight installed to your computer, you need to manually give permission on your browser to use Silverlight. Depending on which browser you are using, there are different ways to do so:

Extras / Add on / Plugins / Silverlight / Activate always / Save, close down the browser and try again

Settings / Security / Plugin Settings (under Plugins) / Silverlight / Activate always / Save, close browser and try again

Menu / Settings / Advanced Settings / Protection of Private Information / Content Settings / Plugins / Select either “Run all plug-in content” or “Find and activate important Plugins (recommended)” / Safe, close browser and try again

Note: If you are using a Chrome version 42 or newer, please follow this guide on how to go around the problem.

You can easily unsubscribe at any time under “Your Account” at Hunters Video Channels home page. There is no vesting period or fees for unsubscribing. If you unsubscribe before the end of you free trial period, you will not be charged any amount.
If you cancel your subscription it will take effect by the end of the present month of subscription.
Subscribers to Hunters Video Channel will be charged once a month on the date when your free trial period expired.
We accept a wide range of credit and debit cards as means of payment.
Once you have entered your data for a free trial period, you can see your payment under “Your Account”.
You can see your payment records under “Your Account”.
If your payment has been rejected, please check you card and account settings, your credit/debit card balance and date of expiry – and then please try again.
As a subscriber to Hunters Video Channel you are free to choose what you want to watch and when and where to watch it. E.g. on:

  • Web

Hunters Video Channel is available online at The content is available for PC and Mac in all the later versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer.

  • Android mobile phones and tablets

Hunters Video Channel app is supported by Android phones and tablets from all leading makers which use one of the later versions of Android.

  • iPhone and iPad

Hunters Video Channel app is available on all iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch, which use one of the newer versions of iOS. The app enables streaming to Apple TV via AirPlay.

  • Chromecast

Hunters Video Channel is available via Chromecast. Read more about Chromecast and installation here: (link –

  • TV

You can transfer Hunters Video Channels content to your TV in different ways:

HDMI-kabel: You can connect your Mac, PC, Android- or iOS device directly to your TV by using a HDMI cable.

Airplay: You can stream Hunters Video Channel to your Apple TV with your iOS-app via AirPlay. Read more about how to use Airplay: Here

Chromecast: You can connect Google Chromecast to your Android or iOS-based device, enabling wireless streaming of Hunters Video Channel to your TV.

Yes. The subtitles are available in English and other languages. You can also choose to deactivate the subtitles.
We offer more than 100 hours of hunting films and infotainment from a number of the world’s leading producers. The content is quality productions with a high ethical standard. Every month new content is added. There are no commercials on Hunters Video Channel. You can put the content on hold, move fast back and forward and watch the content again as often as you like. It is that simple!
Yes! Many titles will be available in HD. The quality of the image by streaming content can vary form one device to another. Image quality can be affected by other factors like geography, bandwidth and/or the speed of your internet connection.
You can register up to 4 devices to your subscription and remove and add new ones under your profile.
We recommend a downloading speed of no less than 0,5Mbps.
If you want to watch our content at places where there is bad or no connection to the internet, you can download our content in advance and watch it offline.
If you have forgotten your password, please use the link “Resetting Password” to the right of the box where you enter your login. A new, temporary password will then be sent to your registered email address.
At the moment we unfortunately experience some fluctuations between the use of the app and Airplay/Chromecast. This is due to a problem between the app and the used device, since the device isn’t 100% compatible with the Hunters Video Channel app. This means there can be experienced fluctuations when watching movies or that movies wont play at all, when you try to activate the Airplay/Chromecast.
The problem may also cause that some users experience not being able to play certain movies when using a smartphone or tablet device.
We are trying to solve this problem, and at the latest with the new update of the app, this matter should be solved.
There are many android devices on the market and unfortunately we have experienced that some of our users either can’t play some movies through the Hunters Video Channel app or that some movies stop during playing on their android device.
This is due to the problem, that the Hunters Video Channel app isn’t 100% compatible with the device. We are doing everything we can to solve this problem and recommend you to use Hunters Video Channel on your computer at the moment.
Hunters Video Channel is at the moment only available within Europe.
Early 2017 we are planning to open the service for the rest of the world.
If you created an account with credit card information added, we suggest that you delete your card information again.
You can do this under My Profile > Payment